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About Vipul Goel

Vipul Goel is a sitting member of legislative assembly, representing Faridabad constituency of Haryana Legislative Assembly and being a politician contributes in Indian Politics, belonging to Bharatiya Janata Party.
Vipul Goel is the chairman of the Navchetna Trust, an initiative that helps in the development of society and its people. It aims to provide advancement in education to students. It also works towards the cleanliness of the city and making Faridabad a green city, so that all other cities follow along. The trusts’ main focus is to bring change in environmental conservation, patient care, and science. The trust also works toward social initiatives like Beti Bachao (Save Girl Child) and Swachh Bharat (Clean India) campaign. One of the primary functions of trust is the attempt to build on the inevitably social interests both of children and adults type of group experience which will be individually developing and socially useful.
Vipul Goel was designated as the Cabinet Minister on 22 July 2016 during the reshuffling and extension of Haryana Government of CM Sh Manohar Lal Khatter. He was assigned the Ministry of Industries and Commerce, Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Industrial Training.
He always participates in social events and helps the needy ones. His efforts through this trust include supporting already existing programs in education, health, culture, justice and the social well-being of the people of India. He is constantly giving his efforts to increase the quality of living of the people. The commitment of his to the charity makes him one of the most charitable people across the nation. He supports people in education, healthcare, religious, social and community-related causes irrespective of gender and race. There are many initiatives taken by him that focus on improving the quality and equity of school education in India. He has good critical thinking skills and a caring attitude toward the poor, needy and disabled. He always provides fund to add value to the society and helps in developing a better tomorrow.
He started Wi-Fi services for free in Faridabad Sector 15 market for easier public connection in January 2016.


  • ​Impact public health and development policies through evidence generation and knowledge sharing.
  • Enhance learning through innovation and application of advancing technologies.
  • Promote partnerships with Governments, non-government agencies and community organisations to design and implement high-impact public health and development programs.
  • Distribution of medicines and emergency services at an affordable price.
  • Increase the awareness about the cleanliness of the city and taking initiatives to drive towards a better tomorrow.
  • Developing the streets of the city and making it the city a beautiful place to breathe
  • Initiatives to increase the healthcare facilities making use of advancements in technology.
  • Increment in the number of teachers in the schools so that adequate knowledge reaches the students.
  • Carrying out seminars in schools and colleges to maintain a proper living standard and encouraging healthy measures.
  • A safer tomorrow for women in the cities. Initiatives for women empowerment and encouraging them for self defence classes. Establishment of healthcare centres for them.
  • Encouragement of sport activities across the schools.
  • Increment in job opportunities so that the youth takes part actively and contribute in the betterment of the nation.
  • Proposal of a large college in the city, so that the students can gain benefits in the city itself with world-class education.


In the memory of his dear mother, he started a welfare trust Maa Kiran Devi Charitable Trust for humanitarian purposes. The trust works to develop and manage a unique kind of ethical and responsible development model. It has already managed to arrange free of cost eye operations for thousands of patients. The trust has been actively aiding the country by training children and delivering free education, providing aid to widows and healthcare for many. The main focus is on early childhood education, end violence against women, empowering the youth through education, provision of food, water and security.

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